The LifePoint Solutions IMPACT Plus program is a Kentucky Medicaid funded program that serves seven Northern Kentucky counties by assisting children ages 3-21 diagnosed with complex social, emotional, and behavioral disorders such as Autism and ADHD. The program assists children and families in accessing therapeutic and community resources. IMPACT Plus therapists, service coordinators, and therapeutic support staff work together with other area social service programs to provide a wide network of traditional and innovative behavioral health services and the help that families and children they serve need to thrive in their communities.

The goal of IMPACT Plus is for parents and caregivers to be able to understand both their child's needs and the systems involved, so that they will have the knowledge in the future to weave in and out of service systems as their child's needs indicate. 


Our Services:

Service Coordination/Case Management

Therapeutic Child Support

Individual, Family, and Group Therapy


For more information about the IMPACT Plus program contact Brandy Ray at 859.547.5776 or